Utah Alarm Association Trains Hundreds for NTS Level One in 2014

Utah Alarm Association Training has been busy. There has been trainings almost every two weeks with around 40 people in each training.  We have some great trainers helping out. They are Jared Mellor, Erik Spotten, and Arlen. We also need to thank our executive director, Michelle Best, for all the hard work she does to make it happen.

We are very grateful for the facilities that have been provided by Protection One, Vivint, and Peak Alarm. It is a great thing to be able to trust these companies to send your technicians there and it has been very gracious of them to allow us to use their facilities during the two and half days we teach these trainings.

We are also appreciative of the alarm companies in Utah in supporting their local Utah Alarm Association Alarm Association. Every person sent to these trainings helps support Utah Alarm Association.

Here are some of the pictures taken from the trainings this year so far.

Blog post written by Jacob Menke.

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