Salt Lake Police Department Adds Online Alarm Permit Application

It’s Finally Here!
Salt Lake City Police Department is proud to announce alarm permits online at
Scroll down to “popular links” Click on “alarm permit entry”.
If this is a residential permit, type the last name first followed by the first name with no comma between.
If you are an alarm company, the email is your email. The permit number will come to you by email within minutes of entering the permit.
You will need the direction on the street address. For example, 322 Redondo Ave. would need to be 322 East Redondo Ave.
The premise type is either residential, commercial, government or other. Other would be a church, YMCA etc.
If this address is not in the Salt Lake City police response area, a message will indicate it is not in Salt Lake City.
After clicking on the save button, a prompt will indicate to go on and enter a separate mailing address if the alarm location is different from the mailing address and then the responsible people contacts for this alarm system.
If the alarm later becomes inactivated, click on check box to de-activate. If you need to make changes in this permit, use the find/update your alarm permit button. The Salt Lake City Alarm Ordinance is located on one of the buttons.
Call if you have any problems. Shanna Werner 801-799-3113

This is a great step. Now if they will just get rid of verified response!

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