Summit County Sheriff Extends Deadline!

Members of the Utah Alarm Association got actively involved in Summit County.  Read what happened here: Summit County Response Letter

The Summit County Sheriff sent out a letter on February 1, 2013 that stated,

Please be advised; effective March 1, 2013, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office will be changing policy regarding response to residential and business burglary alarm calls.

A thorough examination of our alarm call history has indicated a very high false alarm or unfounded criminal activity rate.  The amount of time and resources used to respond to these calls has caused a significant impact on police services in our county.  In response to services and staffing being cut back for budgetary reasons, we are forced to look at ways of continuing our high level of service by reducing unnecessary response to certain calls.

Following a nationwide movement amongst law enforcement agencies, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office will implement a “Verified Response” policy.  Only after suspicious activity has been confirmed by an alarm company or citizen will deputies respond for assistance.  There will be no change in response to Panic, Duress, or Hold-Up type alarms.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Captain J. Martinez

Bureau Chief 

Because of this letter, the Board members of Utah Alarm Association got actively involved and reached out to the Summit County Sheriff to see what could be done to change this implementation.  After meeting with him on behalf of the security industry and its concerns, he agreed to wait until May 1, 2013 to implement verified response.

Utah Alarm Association is pleased to report that after a great deal of discussion and negotiation, the Sheriff has agreed to delay Verified Response and will keep Summit County functioning at the status quo for the remainder of 2013.

As an Association, we are committed to the best interest of all those in the security industry.  We are actively building up the Association and ask you to join if you have not already done so.  The more members we have involved, the stronger our voice will be.  When you are a member of the Utah Alarm Association, there are many benefits.  Please check our website, for more information and to get an application for joining our Association.

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